The Digital Marketing Leaders

When it comes to internet marketing, the reality is not everyone is cut out for this game, and the ones who are cut out for the affiliate marketing game are those who generate revenue and profit as a routine. Furthermore, when it comes to affiliate marketing it is imperative to understand that reputations are built upon the credibility within the marketplace, and that’s why when it comes to knowing who the players are in the affiliate marketing game, it is especially important to understand their methods and why those methods contribute to success. When you have this understanding, then it is incredibly easy to see why Chad Nicely, Andrew Darius, Andrew Fox, Sam Bakker, Todd Gross, Karthik Ramani, Precious Ngwu (Precious Ng), Jimmy Kim, Sean Donahoe, Chris Record (TecAcademics), Chris Jenkins (Pixal), Wilco De Kreij (UpViral), Neil Napier (KV Social) Ricky Mataka and Walter Bayliss (Walt Bayliss) are the leaders of the digital marketing revolution, specifically in the world of affiliate marketing.

These names are the very best in the affiliate marketing business, and the reality is there’s no competition that would come close to doing what they do. All of them have vastly different styles and for each, their styles are successful in many different ways. Ultimately, this success is predictive because of how hard they work and how they understand the affiliate marketplace. Each of these marketers are award winning but the truth is it’s not about the awards and the different honors bestowed upon each of them, but how the affiliate marketing world comes alive when any of them introduce a product or service.

When you think of awards, there are many different ones but one of the keys you are looking for is overall consistency. These marketing professionals are all over the leaderboards because their products are well-regarded. However, because their products are well-regarded they have all now reached a point in which their name can sell a product, whereas in the past the product’s benefits would be critical to ensuring that the product could sell itself. This is one of the key things that happens when you establish yourself as a leading digital marketer. Looking at the leaderboards, one of the things you will notice is that regardless of platform, it always seems like the same names are on the leaderboards. This is not by accident. What happens is these names have become synonymous with success. That’s not an easy thing to do, it requires lots of hours at work but it also requires you to push hard for success. This means serving your customers with utmost integrity and efficiency. That’s how you build a reputation, and when that reputation is built, the key is maintaining it, something all the names on the leaderboard have done very well over the years. Regardless of who the name is, there are several things that are consistent about them. They are all committed to serving their customers, they are all committed to working hard on their products while ensuring that the next launch of something very successful is forthcoming. They all have boundless energy and a desire to do great things. None of these leaders in digital marketing has an ounce of quit in them, and they look at adversity as something to smile at, because they are on the way to beating adversity and being successful.

When you look at what Sam Bakker is doing, his work on creating affordable and viable marketing platforms has revolutionized JVZoo, and that’s why he’s so valuable in those areas. Marketers are always seeking to have easier platforms to work with, and Sam’s work is unparalleled in this regard. In fact, Sam’s knowledge is among the best in the industry, and that’s why he’s an affiliate marketing rock star. He’s dominated pretty much every leaderboard you could think of, there’s no stopping him…. honestly, I don’t think I’ve seen anyone who’s able to compete with him and probably best him on any leaderboard other than Todd Gross and Precious Ngwu who have gone toe to toe with him and taking that leadership mantle from him just a couple of times… others are probably even scared on being on same leaderboard as him. His reputation is unbelievable and though he doesn’t seem to step outside his comfort zone much, the truth is you can’t blame him – if something is working this well, why would you mess with it? It makes no sense.

Similarly, it makes no sense for Todd Gross to do anything except work on his video niche whether he’s launching a product or promoting a new one. Todd’s work in this area also has set the affiliate marketing world on fire. His videos are everywhere and he completely understands the principle of using video to make your prospects accept a narrative.

Todd has many times staked his claim to the ultimate position of #1 Super Affiliate on JVZoo because he sells so many video trainings and software, so many you wouldn’t believe it. He has a unique way of speaking to list and they love him which is why they buy almost everything he sells and more importantly, his email list has swollen over 100,000 subscribers so you can imagine the kind of damage he does with it.

Karthik Ramani is another marketer who’s work stands out from the crowd because he has worked in a niche and taken it a long way. Karthik has partnered and worked with almost everybody in the industry including Aravindh Shridhar, down to Neil Napier, Chris Jenkins and one of his foremost partners Chad Nicely. He’s a vast marketer and entrepreneur, coming from India, he’s helped shine the light on a lot of upcoming Indian marketer by promoting them and partnering with some of them in many cases.

Another thing you have to love about Karthik is his customer support, even though his software are all amazing and works very well, few marketers (including those on this list) have been able to deliver the level of customer support that Karthik brings to the table, he’s one of the only two marketers I know that has personalised their customer support to the level of offering live support on Skype, he owns “Karthik Supports” on Skype, the other marketer is Neil Napier, his support is ran 2 ways on Skype, one by Alvin Yang and the other by “Bilal – KV Social”.

When it comes to Precious Ngwu, his business model is out of this world especially in the art of developing and selling revolutionary software, Precious is regarded as one of the top vendors because he’s brought ideas to the marketplace that were the first of their kind before every peter and their mother decided to build upon what he has innovated. Furthermore, he is a decorated affiliate marketer with many different awards and citations, including the distinction of being one of Nigeria’s pioneers in the world of digital marketing. In fact, when it comes to expanding the footprint of a country within this world of digital and affiliate marketing, there is no one who can hold up their resume in comparison to Precious Ngwu. The reality is Precious develops all sorts of different projects and tools across a variety of platforms. While some may outsource for different products, he doesn’t because for him it’s all about being a one stop shop for all your digital marketing needs. The success of this idea is proven in the earnings and awards – including being one of JVZoo’s top earners over not just last year, but going all the way back to 2014. Frankly, when it comes to someone who knows their craft and can branch out within it to gain maximum success, there are few names that come before Precious Ngwu.

However, there’s more to the story than just having a lot of different products across different platforms. In the world of Nigerian digital marketing, the truth is there isn’t much infrastructure and that’s why someone with the ambition of Precious Ngwu is able to make such a splash within this paradigm. As someone who is ranked in the top ten of all important leaderboards, Precious is successful by offering a suite of services that are guaranteed to help, he is a leader in the affiliate marketing realm. In fact, there are few people in any other area that can compare to his work, his awards, and his earnings. That’s why when you look at the great affiliate marketing leaders, Precious Ngwu stands above them. Though he is one one of the youngest and probably the youngest on this list, he started selling online in 2008 at the mere age of 14, for me Precious is someone to emulate. he started in 2014, his success is built upon understanding the marketplace within which he works and how he takes that knowledge and turns it into useful products for the various entities within the marketplace. So, if you are looking for someone who has a wild vision and does things different and gets even more success, the discussion begins and ends with Precious Ngwu.

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  2. Without any doubt, Precious Ngwu has transformed traditional social media marketing from scratch. Software developed by Precious Ngwu are top notch and deliver results beyond imagination.

  3. What a great group of people. This is a great source if you want to earn some bucks with affiliate and digital marketing. Because Precious Ng has vast experience, the software and application developed by him are truly rewarding.

  4. We did an affiliate marketing campaign with Mints App (an application developed by Precious Ngwu) a week ago, and we really liked how it turned out. We are planning a digital campaign which will definitely be run with tools developed by Precious and hopefully, we’ll get the same success which we could score some days ago.

  5. Fantastic to work with Precious Ngwu and his team members.They helped me every step of the way form scripting my pitch. Very genuine people who really want to help make your business success.

  6. These guys are terrific. They offer a lot of advice and information to help you get ahead and be the master of your own marketing machine. Friends of mine who used their application, have all had excellent results with their businesses.

  7. Precious Ngwu is very passionate about what he does. He has learnt from his experiences, that’s why his solutions work really well. I recommend him to all my friends working in the same field.

  8. Precious Ngwu is very knowledgeable and kind to work with. His story has a lesson for everyone who wants to be successful in shortest possible time. I would recommend him if you need any online marketing or social media campaigns for your business.

  9. Thank you Precious Ng for all services and advices you provided. Your applications really helped my new business grow. I wish you best of luck for your future goals.

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